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About Alli DesHotels

As the trusted real estate professional for my clients, I understand that buying and/or selling a home is complex and deeply personal. There is also much at stake financially. With this in mind, I feel a great responsibility to my clients to be the expert they need to navigate the process from start to finish. I strive to assist my clients in achieving their real estate goals through transparent conversation, fact based analysis, and open communication throughout, all while bringing a little fun along the way! I understand the real estate market and the variables involved in the transaction. I want you, my client, to feel supported knowing I am on your team.
If you are a home buyer, you need a partner with market knowledge, someone plugged in to the local community to guide you. You are looking for more than just a house, you have a lifestyle in mind, and I am here to guide you.
If you are selling a home, you need a marketing expert to effectively, and beautifully promote your home and then be able to negotiate on your behalf to bring the highest price, and best terms. I am here to guide you.
I am a Louisiana native who didn’t know she was a Texan at heart until I arrived in Texoma 9 years ago. I love this community and all that the area has to offer. I know you will love it too. I am excited to partner with you on this journey, Let’s Go!